Silicon trends are coming for the New Year 2023, and E.R. Precision Optical is ready!

Usually, we go directly to our technical or scientific topics, but this blog is different. It is the first blog geared for the new year, 2023.

Silicon Trends for 2023 and A Fresh Start

Silicon Trends Will Lead the Way to New Business Practices in 2023.

Where Do New Year’s 2023 Resolutions Come From? Psychology!

Thus, the first order of this blog is to wish you, our readers, clients, colleagues, vendors, and friends a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year. This wish does not bring you advice about your New Year’s Resolutions. In fact, you might be reading it a little late for making them.

However, we thought you’d like to know some fresh information about those resolutions. In honor of the New Year’s Holiday, we recently found some psychological research about our tendency to make New Year’s Resolutions.

Before We Discuss Silicon Trends, New Year 2023, A Special Note

Thus, in the interest of science, here is why you might feel compelled to make New Year’s Resolutions: The Neilson Norman Group states that this effect hits our psyche at this time of year due to certain factors.

  1. They state, “Special occasions or temporal landmarks, such as a new year, cause people to reflect on their lives in a big-picture way…”
  2. And they add that the big picture “inspires them to set goals for better behavior.” Thus, psychiatrists refer to this mental urge, often caught in the first week of January, as the “Fresh Start Effect..

Moving On to Get Specific:  Silicon Trends for New Year 2023

Silicon Trends Will Involve New Businesses.

Silicon Trends For 2023 Require Silicon Wafers, Microchips, And Technology-Savy Employees.

While you contemplate your fresh start, let us inform you about some trends we see on the horizon, for silicon and the semiconductor industry. E.R. Precision Optics sees the dawning of a new age of silicon, germanium, and other custom substrates for our much-needed, US-manufactured semiconductors. You see, we believe we are entering the year of a fresh start for the U.S. semiconductor industry.

First of our Silicon Trends: New Year 2023

Ironically, E.R. Precision Optics sees many industries sharing our number-one trend for 2023. We know that 2022 has taught employers about flexible scheduling in many different manufacturing businesses and offices. We look forward to the creative use of physical offices vs. work-from-home jobs.  Thus we see a national trend, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the Semiconductor industry.

Number Two of our Silicon Trends:  Geographical Choices for New or Experienced Workers

Whether a technological professional goes for an office or home schedule, they are going to get more opportunities to “work where they choose to live in 2023…”  They can go outside the usual bi-coastal choices and venture into the “Silicon Heartland,” made possible by the Chips Act of 2022.

Experts have stated, “For non-coastal tech hubs, major investments in semiconductor and clean energy manufacturing that started this year are likely to grow even further in 2023…”

Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico as well as Idaho beckon new employees, especially those with skills in technology.

Third of Our Silicon Trends for New Year 2023:  Thriving Start-Ups and Support Businesses

Who Knows Where 2023 Will Take Us In The Future? We Only Know a Few Silicon Trends.

For communities in between mega-cities, we see a rising number of small businesses and start-ups. They are bringing in venture capitalists who are seeing Silicon Trends and opportunities for the new year grow by leaps and bounds.

Furthermore, “business leaders and policymakers are beginning to recognize the need for more secure supply chains…” Thus, they will be offering a variety of amazing opportunities to a number of potential employees, eager for work.

Terrific Take-Aways for Silicon Trends in New Year 2023

We at ER Precision Optics are ready to help these growing three trends for the semiconductor industries.  2023 continues, and we resolve to grow crystals that feed the fire of business and US independence in the semiconductor industry.

We leave you with a scientific formula of wishes for 2023.

And FinallyWe hope 2023 brings you:

From Our E.R. Optics Family to Yours: Happy New Year 2023!

12 months of happiness,

52 weeks of enjoyment,

365 days of achievements,

8760 hours of good luck,

52600 minutes of good health and

Finally, we wish you 31536000 seconds of peace.

Happy New Year 2023!