Germanium & DoD Germanium Recycling Services

Department of Defense Germanium Reclaim/Recycling Program

Do you have damaged, stockpiled, or decommissioned infrared (IR) optics for target imaging?  ERPOC, an Apopka, Florida based HUBZone facility, has established a unique program to demilitarize optical assemblies, locate, reclaim, recycle, or refurbish Germanium found in many of our U.S. military & aerospace optical targeting systems.

These windows of various sizes, flat to dome shaped, are found in the housings for laser guidance, missile targeting, and night-vision/ thermal sensing devices for military and other surveillance applications, across many of our military platforms, including M1A1 Abrahms tank, Bradley IFV, Apache helicopters, F35 Joint Strike Fighter, and Naval applications.

DOD recycle program

Licensed NRC Facility

Many of these windows were coated with Thorium (Th), a radioactive and hazardous material, to improve transmission. ERPOC is a licensed NRC facility able to remove Thorium coatings from the Germanium and recycle the recovered material into new products at significantly reduced prices.

DOD recycling

Benefits for your facility/agency:

  • Significantly lower costs for new products in support of DoD budget concerns.
  • Additional revenues to fund future development.
  • SBA/HUBZone credits to meet DoD small business goals.
  • Removal of hazardous materials and associated liabilities from unused material often stored for many years, literally reducing a truckload of radioactive inventory into a 5-gallon bucket.
  • Assure our strategic resources remain in the U.S.
  • Continue to support our U.S. war fighters with advanced weapons.

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