Markets & Applications

ERPOC Procurement Information

E.R. Precision Optical Corporation is a diverse manufacturing company located in Apopka, Florida’s HUBZone district. Many of our customers are military manufacturers who require strict adherence to protocols and specifications. We also serve the private sector in the manufacture of consumer related products.

Markets & Programs We Serve

  • Defense & Aerospace
    • F-35 Joint Strike Fighter
    • Apache Helicopter
    • M1A1 / Bradley / Stryker
    • TIFCS
    • M1117 Land Vehicle
    • James Webb telescope
  • Homeland Security
  • Commercial Thermal Imaging
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Medical
  • Research
Apache helicopter
Silicon Discs


  • Bulk custom specification IR materials, Silicon & Germanium.
  • Specializing in precision IR components, ITAR compliant.
  • IR and Night vision surveillance optics.
  • High energy lasers prisms, mirrors, and filters.
  • Imaging, targeting & tracking guided weapon optics.
  • Automotive Heads-Up Display components.
  • Conventional optics.
  • Medical IR spectroscopy.
  • Research & Development prototypes.
  • Military & Aerospace