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Germanium Recycling: Big News For You

Germanium Recycling is probably not a flashy news topic at your local Television station. It may not be trending today in your newspaper headlines. Thus you might be surprised to know how important this chemical element, Germanium, has become in your daily life.  In this blog article, we bring you news about its critical 21st-century role.  We invite you to learn about the exciting re-cycling Germanium mission we adopted 12 years ago and continue today.

Surprise! Seeing Germanium at Work in Your Everyday World

You Can Find This Mysterious Element in Ordinary Semi-conductors.

First of all, civilization […]

ER Precision Optical: A Company to Watch

ER Precision Optical welcomes you our newly designed website.  Within these pages you will discover who we are and what we do.  In this part of the website, the Blog, you will find up-to-date information on the top stories in our industry–and more.

We will bring you investigative blogs about the latest developments within the Optical industry.  And we will bring you our own story, from right here at our own manufacturing facility in Apopka, Florida.

  • Have you ever wondered about what we do in our 22,000 sq. ft. facility? This is the website to visit, and the blog to read.
  • If you are curious about […]

Company News

New 3.39um Interferometer

ERPOC purchases a new 3.39um interferometer to expand our capabilities for final measurements with IR materials.  Installation is scheduled for [...]

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