Switchblades are no longer simple street gang weapons. Now, modern Switchblade drones are small.  However, they are mighty military defensive weapons. Yet, they have a decidedly offensive edge.

There has been a great deal of talk recently about drones, weapons, and all things military. Thus, we thought readers would appreciate knowing more about some relatively new protective drones that have joined the fight.

Switchblades and Drones:  Why They Are Our Topic of the Week

Switchblades: These Drones Are Sometimes Referred to as Kamikaze Drones.

Drones are Used in Commercial and Military Operations. Switchblades are Programmed to Destroy a Specific Target.

No, we do not manufacture drones,  However, we do create parts that can enhance many drones.

Here is a fact that you might or might not know.  A large part of our optics production is dedicated to maintaining the acuity of soldiers and law enforcement.

You’ll see more about that later in this article.  Meanwhile, learn how the Switchblade drone can assist in battle and defense.  It’s not just an item on a shopping list.  Moreover, this little weapon, when used correctly, is a beast.

What, Exactly is a Switchblade Drone?

The Soldier is Always in Control.  For Example, He Can Abort the Mission at Any Point.

Military designers did not create the switchblade to do heavy work.  They are not like the giant drones we enlist for reconnaissance. They don’t deploy other weapons on targets.

Bryan McBournie put it well in a recent Yahoo article. He stated, “These tiny Switchblades are themselves the weapon.”

Switchblades:  Causing Mayhem in Two Models

There are two types of switchblade drones. On the one hand, let’s take a look at the Switchblade 300 drone.  It only weighs 5.5 lbs.  At that size, it fits nicely in a rucksack.

Like the legendary rocket launcher, the remote-controlled switchblade deploys simply. Its flight time is 15 minutes. A Soldier can launch it out of a tube much like a mortar. And it can fly 6 miles and a little more. Let it go and it will cruise at 63 mph and gain speeds up 100 mph.

To be perfectly clear, the switchblade is a killer. It is always ready to enact its Kamikaze mission to destroy enemy troops.

Getting Serious with the Switchblade 600

Switchblades Drones Do Not Carry a Bomb to the Target. The Switchblade is the bomb.

Military Drones Are Not Children’s Toys. Both the 300 and 600 models are Powerful Beasts on the Battlefield.

The 600 model of this drone weighs in at a hefty 50 lbs.  A soldier can fly it for 40 minutes and 25 miles.

You would definitely notice its cruising speed of 70 mph.  Then it tops out at 115 mph.
You could use it to strike at concentrations of enemy troops.  However, it is particularly talented at destroying tanks.

Switchblades:  Their Kamikaze Mission

The Switchblade drones are sometimes referred to as “kamikaze drones.” The reason is that they act as single-use, remote-controlled bombs.

These fabulous flying bombs hit their targets without being in line of sight.  The Switchblade has some fine sensors.  And, of course, it sports the mandatory GPS to “see” its way to the target.

Once launched, a soldier can control the drone as it travels to its pre-programmed target.
And certainly, a soldier can abort the switchblade’s deadly mission if the target disappears.
Likewise, if civilians enter the field of battle, the soldier can cancel the kamikaze mission.

Terrific Take-Aways from Switchblades

Unlike this Familiar Reconnaissance Drone, the Switchblades Are Compact Weapons. Moreover, they Fly to Their Target and Explode on Contact.

Finally, we would be remiss if we did not mention that 100 of these Switchblade Drones are part of the 800-million-dollar package President Biden is sending to Ukraine.

Experts have declared, “These tactical UAVs can be useful against Russian vehicles and artillery…”  And they add, “Taking out Russian long-range artillery is especially important for Ukraine as Russian forces ramp up their bombardment of major cities.”

And Mick McElroy, former deputy assistant secretary of defense put it this way.  “These were designed for U.S. Special Operations Command and are exactly the type of weapons systems that can have an immediate impact on the battlefield.”

We’re sure the inclusion of Switchblades in this package is why there is an amazing resurgence in interest in drones.  Undoubtedly, drones have become new servants of humanity, both in war and peace.

Now that you know about this technology, just imagine how powerful a drone equipped with infrared technology can be. Soon, we will be bringing you a blog about that technology. It is saving the lives of soldiers and law enforcement teams all over the world.