Holiday wishes abound at this time of year.  Thus, the owners and staff of ER Optics blog bring Holiday Wishes and bright greetings to all our friends.

We are aware that without your trust, friendship, and care, we could not achieve the success we have enjoyed this year. Meanwhile, our great winter celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa give us perfect opportunities to express our heartfelt gratitude for your friendship, patronage, and support.

Holiday Wishes and Blessings to the Universe– and Beyond

Holiday Wishes Are Yours Now And Through Out The Year.

E.R. Precision Optical Hopes This Is Your “Best Time of the Year.”

We are sending out a Shining Holiday Appreciation Message to our friends, our business associates, and blog readers!

Instead of our normal technological topic, think of this blog as our webpage Holiday Greeting Card, no matter which holiday you celebrate this season.

As the Wonder of this happy time approaches, we wish you these three simple thoughts.

Firstly, May you enjoy all the magic of the holiday season,

the warmth of friends,

and finally, the Joy of family.

Gift Suggestions It’s Not Too Late To Send

Despite its materialism and shopping frenzy, we respect the intangible joy brought by this season.  Below we offer you abstract gifts customizable and good for any time of year. We know these are not original ideas.  However, they have great merit and require no wrapping.  Additionally, you can give them at a moment’s notice.  Best of all you can expect some people will instantly return them—to you.

Therefore,  ER Optics offers you the truest gift suggestions in the Spirit of the Season.  Here is our recommended gift list for you:

To your enemy, give forgiveness.

An opponent, grant tolerance.

To a friend, give your heart.

 To a customer, simply give service.

For all, give charity.

To every child, demonstrate a good example.

And To yourself, give respect. ~Written By Oren Arnold


Holiday Wishes for the World

“Bless You One and All.”

Every year we see the true beauty of life in our holiday celebration of time with family and friends. We also see it reflected in the charity of hearts that give time and talent to others in need.

Here in the precise and technical world of ER Optics, we realize our success can be measured only in the true gold of goodwill from our friends and clients. We are so pleased to find that goodwill in the souls of the friends we make and the clients we serve.

Enjoy Our Happy Holiday Wishes…

From Our Families to You and Yours.