Prohawk Video Enhancement

The new standard in real-time video enhancement!

ProHawk technology utilizes powerful processors and software algorithms to enhance video images captured under challenging circumstances, every-time and in real-time…

Our patented products minimize the effects of severe climatic conditions, unfavorable lighting and other environmental difficulties. The ProHawk solutions enhance many types of imagery including conventional video, high definition video, infrared, thermal and even medical images.

Real Time Video Enhancement

Our advanced, patent protected technology works by analyzing and reconstructing every frame of a video stream, pixel by pixel, all in real time. It also enhances pre-recorded video.

Game Changing Technology

The ProHawk products contain context sensitive, adaptive algorithms and processes that are tightly integrated into our hardware platforms. This game changing technology from i-Acritas delivers maximum actionable detail to the video system user.

Plug and Play Connectivity

ProHawk is a plug and play, stand-alone video processing system designed for commercial industries. It is easily integrated with your existing cameras and imaging systems and can be installed in a matter of minutes.

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Ray Pini, Director of ProHawk Sales & Marketing