For Infrared Optics, Semiconductor Components, Solar Film Targets.

Silicon, the second most abundant element on earth, has a vast array of applications. E.R. Precision Optical focuses on the needs of three growing markets, infrared optics, semiconductor components and solar thin film targets. But we don’t stop there. If you have a requirement for a hard to find material specification or customized machined components, ERPOC can quickly meet your needs with low cost solutions.

Silicon is used extensively within the infrared optical range. Known for it’s strong optical characteristics and hardness, Si is a key material of choice for the aerospace and defense industries. ERPOC has added Si crystal growing to meet the demands of our optical customers. As more and more custom material applications emerge, ERPOC can custom grow crystals to the most stringent specifications to advance new product development.

As the material of choice for the semiconductor industry, silicon is used in more ways than just wafer fabrication. ERPOC focus on the OEM applications for consumable parts and as a material machined into handling/supporting wafers throughout processing. For unique material characteristics, custom machined designs, ERPOC can satisfy the most difficult of requirements.

The renewable energy market is still in it’s infancy stage worldwide. Each day new techniques are being worked on to develop the most efficient solar collection capabilities. ERPOC can help when the needs for modified silicon material chemistries are required. Our Materials Division is here to help you develop ‘designer’ crystals for advanced R&D efforts. We have a full range of capability to support all your bulk material or target configurations, planar, disk and rotatable. When the material needs are unique ERPOC can deliver.