Standard & Custom Germanium Crystals

The addition of our Materials Division has enabled us to now offer standard and custom germanium crystals to support all the advanced optics applications. No longer just a parts and component manufacturer, ERPOC is vertically integrated to support your material needs as well. We are ISO certified and ITAR compliant to address the full range of commercial to military applications. As the only US producer of multiple infrared crystals, ERPOC can reduce your lead-times and tightly control the quality of your critical materials.

ERPOC utilizes upgraded Zone refined Germanium feed stock in the ingot growth process to insure the highest quality is produced and our customers receive the most consistent and reliable Germanium optics on the market.

With our proprietary Hot Zone design, we are able to achieve and repeat some of the industries tightest specifications for stress free and fine annealed crystals

Several advanced methodologies are in place driven by the R&D group to balance our process load including Thermal Modeling and Process Simulation to reduce cost of R&D and fast track process improvement in production.


  • Czochralski (CZ) grown material
    • Custom grades – as specified
    • Optical grade (>99.99999%)
    • Solar grade (>99.999%)
  • Crystal structure
    • Single crystal
    • Poly‐crystal
  • Orientation  ,
  • Dopant
    • N‐type (Antimony)
    • P‐type (Gallium)
  • Resistivity
    • Standard optical requirements
    • Custom grows (0.005—500 Ω‐cm)
    • Undoped
Germanium Data Sheet